Why MMA is not human cockfighting


Cock guy

Too much cock!


That famous quote by John mccain. Yes i know, i’m starting out with some low hanging fruit. If you are already a fan of MMA you probably don’t need to read this. But in case you are someone from “the other side” i want to present my case.

So the first question is, what’s wrong with this comparison? Let’s see.

Human: that part makes sense, humans are involved.

Fighting: perfect! Probably the best word you could use to describe it. Had it ended there, i’d nod my head and keep walking. It is human fighting.

But the addition of one word changes the meaning completely, “cock”. A word that will rarely go unnoticed, wherever you may put it. Not a bad word either, but in this context it just sounds dirty!

The imagery these words induce in the mind is of a group of morally questionable men gathered around in a hidden underground location, packed in a tight circle around a couple of cocks duking it out. It is brutal, bloody and… I don’t know I’ve never seen it i’m just going with it. To be honest, i don’t know a lot about actual cockfighting. For all i know they could be similar. But instead of doing any research, i’m going to take the lazy approach and just use that image in my head to make the comparisons.

So what makes MMA different? 

1. They have some rules in place. No eye gouging, no low blows, no small joint manipulation. You wear protection for your sensitive bits. There’s a referee in there making sure that fighters are relatively safe. When someone is in real trouble, that’s when the fight gets stopped. So it is a little less brutal than you may have originally thought.

2. Often you have fights where no one really gets hurt. How is that possible? You’d be surprised. Among the hardcore fans this is what’s known as a “boring” fight. It’s when both guys are simultaneously trying to do something and not having anything get done to them, with more emphasis on the latter part. In a way, you could say they are both successful at not having anything done to them. There are variations of this technique, one somewhat acceptable variation is called “elusive”. Some fans will actually fawn over it.

3. There’s points! That’s right. You can win the fight by points. And once again, you can score points without actually hurting your opponent. A lot of fighters just want to score the most points they can and win the fight. And then a group of judges decide who got the most points. Pretty simple really. Unless your names starts with a C and has the word “people” in it.

4. It’s a choice. The fighters do this willingly, they consider the risks involved and make their own decisions. No one is forcing them or manipulating them. One of the more common ways of ending the fight is by “tapping out” that is willingly accepting a loss when you feel like you’re in a tight spot and can’t get out.

5. They don’t have very sharp edges on their bodies. This, i believe, is the biggest difference. Human fighters don’t have beaks or claws. They have their fingers, knees and elbows, but really there’s no comparison. I may not have seen cock fighting but i know what i beak feels like. Much worse than a finger, trust me.

I think I’ve made my point. Unless we see these changes implemented in the cockfighting game i think it’s safe to say the two are very different. Until the day i see cocks wearing cups for protection, i will not entertain this ridiculous claim anymore.


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